Serie Avant-Garde

The cells stop-leavens Avant-Garde allow bakers to better organize their work freeing it from the burden of night work. You can in fact prepare the product and during the day, when it is ready to rise, add it in the cell of stops-lievita Avant-Garde who will return it perfectly leavened ready to bake the desired time the following morning.

The working cycle of the retarder prover cell consists of the following phases:
- killing : rapid cooling to lock the leavening (minimum possible temperature: -15 ° C);
- preservation : low-temperature retention (less than +4 ° C) the leavening remains blocked;
- Awakening : temperature rises gradually up to +16 ° C preparing the bread to the next rising;
- leavening : temperature rises gradually up to the set value (maximum possible 40 ° C) el 'relative humidity is maintained as set;
- block / leavening (hammock) : the value of the temperature drops to 10 ° C by blocking the leavening and keeping the product in the state of the product ready to be fired. Such a system makes it possible to bake the product in several successive batches.

The company Alaska, a leader in the field of stop-leavens, has realized the Avant Garde-cell with the most advanced technology in such a way that the baker can always obtain a product equal to that obtained with traditional leavening. The Avant-Garde cells have cutting edge features that place them above the competition and make it an indispensable tool for the modern baker.


  • Carcasses indestructible: panels for the 7 cm thick walls, stainless steel inside and outside plasticized; reinforced floors thickness of 5 cm with surface steel plate 1.5 mm.
  • Compressors and evaporators oversized: ensure a high rate of moisture and large cooling capacity even at low fan speed. They are also suitable for treating loaves of large pieces always ensuring the absence of skin on the product.
  • homogenous air flow: the air distribution equal over the entire length of the cell ensures all equal loaves;
  • delicate Ventilation: adjustable fan speed allows it to adapt to all types of bread without causing skin product.
  • Leavening delicate: the resistances automatically size the power so as to gently reach the set temperature avoiding "stress" to the product.
  • precise and reliable electronic Humidifier: thanks to the advanced system with immersed electrodes ensures precision in the humidity control and is free from breakage due to limestone.
  • Oxygenation Product: extractors ensure air exchange and perfect oxygenation of the product.


  • Comfortable: installed on the door,
  • Visible: back-lit display with large characters visible to more than 10 m away;
  • Intuitive: waterfall intuitive menu selection thanks to the "rotary switch";
  • Easy: in the "Classic" (thanks to the pre-set temperature curves) just select: temperature and duration abatement; storage temperature; temperature, time, humidity and speed of leavening ventilation;
  • Flexible: in the "Advanced" allows you to create custom curves allowing you to adjust temperature, time and humidity in n.2 abatement phases; temperature and humidity in 4 stages of preservation; temperature, time, humidity and ventilation speed in 8 leavening phases, thus adapting to all requirements;
  • Automatic: prepared for automatic operation in a self-learning with product probe;
  • Powerful: continuous memory up to 50 of programs with weekly programming in festive jumps. Perpetual Calendar with automatic managing day, month and year;
  • Chart: retains in memory the graphics temperature and humidity than 50 days;
  • HACCP: retains in memory the data and alarms than 50 days in accordance with HACCP health;
  • Telecare: designed for the remote assistance service with the purchase of optional modem;
  • Check control: displaying any alarm on the display.

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